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About S-inc World Shop

KINCS World Shop is an international version of the S-inc e-shop.
You can order Japan Shop items via the S-inc World Shop ).

After receiving your order on S-inc World Shop, we will check the stock for the items you are requesting and then confirm the items you order by email.


1) Due to processing time of checking for stock, understand that the items you request may not be in stock.

2) Some items that are out of stock online may be available in stores in Japan. If you are interested in items not in stock, please contact us (

3)Products and stock status will update automatically every day at 1:00am on Japan time.

1. Japanese goods are shipped from direct Japan.

Direct deliverly from Japan will also continue to be available for customers who do not want to wait for the pre-order processing time.

For these orders, the payment will be made in Japanese yen and paid by PayPal with the shipping cost of the packing weight by EMS from Japan.

A customs duty may be charged from the Customs Bureau of your country. We do not control this charge.

a) Orders can choose a dispatch method of "Direct shipping from Japan."

b) We will check stock from the Japan Web Shop and shops in Japan.

c) We will send a PayPal invoice ( with the prices in Japanese Yen.

d) We will then wait on you to pay the PayPal invoice.

e) Once payment is confirmed we will contact you with your shipment information.

NOTICE: 1) From order to shipment-

We will send out the order within a week from the confirmation of payment.
The shipment usually will arrive within 3 to 5 days, however due to custom check orders delivery might be delayed by custom for between 2 to 3 weeks in extreme situations.

In case an order exceeds 200,000 yen we will have to issue an export permission.

2)About receiving your order-

We will inform you your order tracking number with the confirmation of order.
Please check the delivery process using the tracking number.

The post office will keep your parcel for 2 weeks in case there was no one to receive the package.After which it will be sent back to Japan.

In that case payment of re-delivery will be charged.
In case of ordering cancelation postage handling charges would not be returned.

3)About Lost parcels and/or damage

We assume responsibility for lost parcels and/or damage only in accordance with the insurance provided by EMS. If the same items of the original order are available we will send them to you in accordance to the EMS policy.

3)About tariff

A tariff might be imposed on the merchandise by custom and according to the laws of the receiving country and depending on the merchandise price.

关于S-inc World Shop

■KINCS World Shop是对应日本以外国家的网络店铺

在这个网站上预约商品后、我们会在日本国内用的S-inc e-Shop等来确认商品的库存,请注意,在没有库存的情况下将无法发货。

相反,预约商品即使在日本国内用S-inc e-Shop里没有库存,我们也可以从实体店铺里进行调货,完成预约购买。
这种情况下请向( ) 进行咨询。
日本国内用的S-inc e-Shop的商品情报会在日本时间上午1点左右进行自动更新。





※ 邮寄的时候我们只使用日本邮政的のEMS。






我们的PayPal邮箱是「 」

4)我们确认到付款之后、将进行发货准备,每周会进行两次邮寄工作。邮寄后会我们会通过PayPal来告诉您包裹的跟踪号码(Tracking Number)。


※包裹送到但没有签收的情况下, 邮局会帮您保管2周。经过保管期还没有签收的情况下,包裹将会被返回日本。

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